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L’agenda des oxymores 


(Diary of an Oxymoron)


To stimulate the minds of those who are passionate about words


An oxymoron is an ingenious juxtaposition of seemingly contradictory words; a few examples being ‘a cheerful pessimist, ‘an exuberant simplicity, ‘a joyful sadness’. In his book L’agenda des Oxymores (Diary of an Oxymoron) Mark Raison shares his passion for these original constructions that often open up a new understanding of today’s reality.


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Stratégie & créativité


(Strategy & Creativity)


Mark Raison’s yellow notebooks


In the age of innovation and disruption, strategy and creativity often appear as complex disciplines, quite distant from one another. In his Yellow Notebooks, Mark Raison not only makes both these accessible, but shows how they can be structured and linked together in practice. A hundred practical and inspiring recommendations beckon you to enrich your professional practices and be part of this era that requires vision and intuition, strategy and creativity.


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Osez la créativité


(Dare to Unleash your Creativity)


Be inspired by the practices of innovative companies


Creativity is neither a gift, nor a talent, nor a specific brilliance. It is a set of practices. In this very practical book, Mark Raison presents the creative practices that allow companies such as APPLE, DYSON, IKEA and PIXAR to think outside the box. It doesn’t happen by chance: creativity requires disciplined and organised practice.


vos présentations


(Successful PowerPoint Presentations)


Captivate and generate buy-in


Knowing how to communicate ideas and objectives clearly is an essential competence of today’s Manager. The aim of this book by Martina Bayers, Presentation Designer, is to give you the tools to quickly and significantly improve the quality of your PowerPoint presentations.


Réveillez sa créativité


(Awaken your Creativity)


Your creative, feel-good workbook


A wealth of useful tips to bring your imagination to life. Ideas and activities to make your creativity buzz. Exercises and games to help you be even more adventurous. A joyful bag of tricks to energize your creativity.


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Photos by Maxime Collin